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After a typical July afternooon storm in the alps, the "Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze" was divided by a beautiful rainbow...

Hiking Top of Germany

Started at 05:00 A.M. in Austria to a nice hike up to Germanys highest mountain: The Zugspitze. After approx 3 hrs you can reach the so called "Gatterl". The Gatterl used to be the boarder control pint beween Germany and Austria in older days. Today you won't find passport control anymore. What you will find shortly behind the Gatterl is a nice view to the Zugspitze. Additional 3 hrs hiking and you will be on top of the Zugspitze

Chamois @ Gatterl

During a hike to the top of the Zugspitze early in the morning, we saw some Chamois. Unfortunately to far away to get a sharp shot. But even with reduced quality a nice view